Reliable Sheet Metal Fabrication Service Provider

HK Tenlita Technology Limited (Tenlita) is a professional sheet metal fabrication service provider in China. We are a corporate CNC machining or 3d Printing service provider who believes in quality with innovation.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Service

It is a subtractive manufacturing process that makes parts using thin metal sheets. Engineers often select sheet metal parts for durability and high precision; especially for end-use applications such as enclosures, chassis, and brackets.

Why Tenlita’s Sheet Metal Fabrication Service

With a network of qualified domestic fabricators, Tenlita can deliver any quantity of metal parts from high-mix, low-volume prototypes to high-volume manufacturing runs. We offer competitive prices for sheet metal for different volumes of prototypes and you get cost savings for production runs of high volume.

Benefits of our Sheet Metal Fabrication

Rapid Prototyping
With short possible lead times, no specific volumes for a minimum order, and affordable per-unit costs, sheet metal is a useful option for rapid prototyping. Rapid Tooling
We can quickly cut Sheet metal into 2D profile shapes and form a variety of high-strength objects, making it ideal for rapid tooling. End-Use Production Per unit pricing significantly enhances production volumes. Together with high throughput and end-use materials, sheet metal fabrication is a renowned production method.

What Sets us Apart

We work tremendously hard to treat our customers the same way we like to be treated: i.e. with professionalism, respect, and sensitivity toward their requirements. We understand the expectations of the clients we serve.
Thus, we do everything we can to ensure each client gets an exceptional experience from our service. Further, here are the reasons why we are unique from other sheet metal fabrication service providers:
Affordable and Flexible Payment Options
• We take orders from customers based on payment options they feel comfortable with
• We suggest customers in choosing the payment option
On-Time Appointments
• We value customers’ time and schedule meetings as per their convenience
• We keep our appointments open on time
Our standing is based on quality and qualified staff. We have a workforce that has years of experience in providing quality fabrication staff. Contact us to close the best deal.