Rapid Injection Moulding Services

HK Tenlita Technology Limited (Tenlita) is a rising rapid injection moulding service and forging & extrusion services provider in China. Today, we are recognized as one of the top injection moulding companies in China.

How Rapid Injection Moulding Works

The chain of events during a plastic injection mold of part is known as the injection molding cycle. Some of the major steps in the injection molding cycle are:
The two sides of the mold are closed and clamped shut.
The desired material is fed into moulding machine and pushed towards the mold. While this happens, the material is melted through pressure and heat. Then the plastic is injected into the mold — this is known as the “shot.”
The plastic in the mold cools down and solidifies into the shape of the component.
When the part cools, it is taken out from the mold.

What Sets us Apart

Quality and Timeliness When we just started out in our initial phase of growth, we strived to maintain the balance between time and quality. Since then, we are still following the same mantra. We offer individual attention to each of our clients, absorbing their requirements, delivering the order within the agreed date, and assure that high-quality standards are maintained throughout the production process.
We are Driven through Passion
We believe that passion is the basic ingredient to achieving success. Therefore, we focus on maintaining the passion for our work with a positive mindset. Further, we get familiarized with the recent technological advancement to satisfy every dimension of rapid injection moulding service.
We are a Visionary Rapid Injection Moulding Service Provider
We have a simple vision of taking care of our clients. Our goal is to work as a team to create a single approach to client care that eliminates streamlines efficiency,
redundancies, and creates a differentiated and personalized experience for service receivers.
We offer help to improve efficiency and lower the rapid injection moulding cost which results in greater affordability.
To make a real difference in the lives of your customers, you need flawless injection moulding in your projects. To get the same, Tenlita, is the door to knock.
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