Quality Forging & Extrusion Services

Forging and extrusion services are two crucial parts of metal production, in every case metal is operated into a shape that can be utilized for another process. Forging and extrusion need products that offer filtration and lubrication under extremely stressful conditions.
These products require to sustain extreme pressure and temperature, and if they fail to satisfy the demands, production and operations can be jeopardized resulting in loss of product along with the reputation.

Multiple Services - Our Success Mantra

Tenlita is unified by one drive: to resolve our customers’ biggest CNC machining and forging & extrusion challenges. In doing so, we take care of safety, advanced health, and environmentally responsible technologies.
Our industry-leading equipment and solutions are at work in various applications. We offer various services that include:
Plastic CNC machining
3D printing services
Sheet metal fabrication service
Rapid injection moulding

Why Choose Us as Forging & Extrusion Services

Unlike other forging & extrusion services providers, our main focus remains on investing in our skills and expertise within every process we go through for our clients to ensure maximum client utility and high quality.
We aim to offer maximum value to our clients by amalgamating on-time delivery, cost, quality, and transformation.
Passionate forging & extrusion services
Passion drives success! Therefore, we always commit to each of our customers to assure our service is worth their spending and time. We make sure value for money is given by obtaining assistance from skilled experts and professionals for CNC-related services.
We believe that client-oriented businesses always flourish in an effective and efficient manner. Thus, our main goal is to offer maximum satisfaction to our clients through our utmost efforts.