HK Tenlita Technology Limited(Tenlita)

is a one of the most professional rapid prototype and mould makers in Dongguan, China.

You design, we manufacture. Now we can offer many kinds of services like 3D design, Rapid Prototype ( CNC, 3d Printing, Vacuum casting),Sheet metal, Rapid Injection Moulds, Injection Moulds, Die casting, Forge and Extrusion as well as products souring etc.

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HK Tenlita Technology Limited

Are you in search of a CNC machining service provider? If yes, then you are stumbled upon the right place. HK Tenlita Technology Limited (Tenlita) is one of the leading rapid prototype and mold makers in China.

Our Offerings

We manufacture what you propose us to. Therefore, we offer the following services to cater to our large and diverse range of customers:
China Plastic cnc machining
3d printing services in china
Sheet metal fabrication service
Rapid injection moulding
Forging & extrusion services
Our main aim is to offer our clients services that are tailor-made to satisfy their needs and business scenarios. Tenlita is a Chinese rapid prototype business provider that caters to extensive prototyping dimensions on a united platform. Our emphasis on quality is focal. Therefore, we hire expert staff to progress at a rapid pace.
Whether your requirement to have that complex mold part produced from a 3D visualization or you would like in the final stages of your product for showcase in a top meeting, Tenlita can assist you with those requirements.


Where are you located?
We are located in Dongguan, China
Do you accept bulk orders?
Yes, we cater to a diverse range of customers, thus, we do offer orders in huge quantities Do you have your own manufacturing facility?
Yes, we have.
 Sheet Metal Fabrication Service

Move from print to part
to profit.

 loading design

Machine Manufacturer Products

Our Company specialized in the scope of 3D design, Rapid Prototype, CNC, 3d Printing, Vacuum Casting , Sheet metal, Rapid Injection Moulds, etc.

China plastic cnc machining


3d printing services in china


Sheet Metal Fabrication Service


Rapid injection moulding


forging & extrusion services


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HK Tenlita Technology

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 China plastic cnc machining

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